Commercial & General Contracting Services


We have personnel who can both work with your staff or set up and maintain your equipment and machines with our crew. We are set up to help out during maintenance shut downs or emergency breaks as well as setting up new equipment of manufacturing lines. We have installed and broken down equipment and entire facilities and trucked them across town and across country. We have the resources to work anywhere in the country to reinstall or set up new equipment and systems. We can pour concrete footings and foundations and set up the electrical systems platforms and piping to support your needs. We offer both assistance to your staff and complete general contacting of a new project. We have a fabrication shop that can design and fabricate any ductwork, platforms, stainless piping or mixers. We can help support all of your manufacturing needs.

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Bought a new piece of equipment and do not know how to get it moved and installed? Our staff is here to help. We have crews available to help move your equipment both across town and across country. We are set up to help out by supplying man power to assist in a small move or be your one contact to move your entire facility. We would be happy to get your equipment reset, tied in, and running again. We can even set up trucking. We can help move equipment you have purchased or sold anywhere in the country or into your new addition next door. Our goal is to get you running again on time and under budget.

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Pipe Fitting and Proccess Piping

We specialize in many different types of Pipe Fitting and Process Piping. We have a wide range of clientele from the food sector to steel mills. We have crews who specialize in Stainless Piping and Tig welding as well as stick welding.  We have shop capabilities to make custom headers and specialize in jacketed pipe as well.  We also do aluminum airlines, and threaded pipe for all applications. We handle anything from designing complete systems including all concrete foundations and pipe bridges to any small leaks and repairs. We have insulation and heat tracing capabilities as well.

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  • We are an authorized Representative of Hy-Safe Technology a Specialized Fall Protection Systems Integrator
  • We are an authorized Representative of Kee Safety a Specialized Fall Protection Systems Integrator
  • Complete Design Build Turnkey Systems
  • Fall and Arrest Systems for platforms and roof applications
  • Certification and inspection capabilities
  • Training videos and classes for employees and safety personnel for all new systems is available
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We have done a large amount of tank work over the years. With many long time customers in the food and roofing industries, we have become experts at all types of tank work. We have installed new towers and tank farms complete with all the piping. Our staff has shipped entire storage facilities cross country and set them back up complete with the conveyor systems. We have done a significant amount of tank repair work. Our resume includes projects like replacing a worn out tank top to cutting and replacing an entire lower section. We have installed new floors in old asphalt tanks. We have removed and relined water cooling jackets. We have accounts with outside tank testing and certification companies who specialize in thickness testing as well as weld and structural certification. Whether it is a leaky vent pipe or it is time for a new tank we are only one call away.

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Column & Truss Repair & Maintenance

We have replaced hundreds of damaged columns for our customers. Whether it is a sections replacement or the entire column, we have the training and equipment to shore up the structure and complete the proper repair. We can also work with the scaffolding company to design proper shoring in mostly any situation. We have worked in the the Chicagoland area of over 36 years and have reinforced many trusses and bar joists. We can help reinforce old roof steel for new AC ow chiller units as well as shore and repair old wood trusses. We also have outside engineers to design site specific stamped drawings for most needs. View our photo gallery or contact us to learn more about our column & truss repair & maintenance services.

See photos of our workk
See photos of our work